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While dating it's always nerve wrecking when a guy you're into is taking too long to text you back. Most women are worried when it comes to dating and they're not sure how a guy feels about them. For some reasons the guy won't text back and you being to imagine all the reasons you haven't heard from him. Some women might think that a guy isn't interested and many will imagine that the he's with another woman. While both scenarios might be true, he could just be playing hard to get. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to analyze how a guy really feels about you based on the time he responds to your text. Instead of judging him in the worst possible way, there are reasons why your guy might not be texting you back.
1. He Might be Busy
Whenever a guy is involved, you should know that the world doesn't revolve around you, unless of course, he's already told you that it does. This happens often, especially if you two don't know each other very well. Your guy might be busy with work and that's why he's ignored your texts. There could be other reasons as well, so try not to be too concerned. When he does not text you immediately, it doesn't mean that he's lost interest in you. At times, your man might be too busy to remember you sent him a text a while back. He'll remember after a few hours or the following morning when he unlocks his phone. Most men think it is not a priority to text you at that particular time, especially when they're busy with work or hanging out with the guys. You should, therefore, understand that most men are like that. If a man is interested in you, he will contact you when he has time.

2. He Doesn't Know What to Say
A man might take to long to text if you're in the habit of texting using closed responses such as “sure,” “cool” or “okay” while you two are having a conversation. When you use these closed responses, it makes a conversation die quickly. Therefore, your man might be unable to maintain the flow of the conversation and so this is normal when it comes to men. They want to be in charge of the conversation and if they aren't they might quickly lose interest in texting. He might need your help to maintain the conversation so when you use a closed response, he might start to think you're bored or disinterested. Therefore, if you text him, it might take him longer to text you back. Your messages may be ignored most of the times which means it's up to you to give your man a reason to text you back right away.

3. You Talk Too Much
It is scientifically proven that women talk a lot more than men do and this is just one of the many reasons we are the extraordinary s-x. When you're interested in a certain man, avoid giving him too many details about your life. Try to hold back and let him tell you more about himself. Men have few words to express themselves thus, avoid talking more and let him take the lead. This will give your conversation a chance to flow and it's almost guaranteed that you'll have things to talk about on a daily basis. When you text a guy and he takes too long to text you back, it might be that you're giving him a lot of details all at once. Men do not like women who text multiple times all at once or even when they receive too much information in one text. Men are simple creatures and some would prefer you call them rather than texting them.

4. Some Guys Hate Talking On the Phone
Most men hate having a conversation through text messages so try not to take it personally if he's ignored your text. He might not even know that it was you who sent him the text since he never bothered to check his messages in the first place. It's hard to understand how a person would dislike playing with his phone in today’s hi-tech world but perhaps your guy might be among the minority. It is normal to find a person who does not want to be bothered by text but if your boyfriend is among these people, you should try to understand his behavior. Instead of waiting for his text messages for a long period of time, try calling him instead. When he gets on the line, ask him to meet you for coffee because sometimes it's still best to have a conversation face to face.

5. He is Preoccupied With Some Major Life Change
If your world revolves around your guy, then you should stop this behavior right away. It's obvious when he takes long to text you back that his world does not revolve around you. Your man might be preoccupied with a major event that will change his life and he is simply preoccupied. He might be too absorbed to text you back, but at least he's giving a solid reason as to why he hasn't sent you a text in return. If you're too demanding of your man’s time, consider this possibility. On the other side, if you rarely text your guy, he should text you back immediately despite his busy schedule. If you're the person who spends hours and hours texting your partner, he'll soon come to realize that texting you back is a time commitment. Therefore, he will put off texting you back and he may even forget about your text. This is not a good excuse not to text back, but it is understandable to some extent. If you are a needy girlfriend who requires attention all the time, your partner might take a while to text you in return.

6. He is Thinking Of a Breakup
Some men lack the guts to tell a woman the truth about their relationship, hence they will start to “ghost” you. Your boyfriend might take too long to text you back since he is considering a breakup or he has already made up his mind. Therefore, you may start to notice that he is ignoring you. If you continue to text and you get no response, you might consider moving on with your life. Not returning a text might be his way of contemplating how to break the news to you or it could be that he's hoping you'll get the message, take the hint, and end the relationship. When a man does this, it all depends on his maturity level. If he has always returned your text immediately, then you should know he is up to no good. You should ensure that you find the underlying cause of it right away. If he is taking too long to text back, it could be he has trouble opening up to you. A man can be a coward especially if he's afraid of having a long painful conversation with you.

7. He Is Worn Out
People who get tired being around other people are often introverts and they regularly switch off from their social life in order to have some alone time. Therefore, if your partner is ignoring you and he won't text in return, he might be doing it on purpose. You should understand him and his behavior if he is an introvert. It may be unfair to you, but it's a fact that some people need more space and silence than others do. Your guy might go under without letting you know, but it might be that you'll start complaining about it if he tells you. If you find yourself in such a spot, you should consider if you can handle the relationship or not. Let your partner know of your decision right away.

8. You Always Nag Him
You may be wondering why your guy is taking too long to text you in return and the reason might be, because he feels as though you might be nagging him. You might not realize this but whenever you text him, it's always to complain about your life. If all your texts to your guy start with negative comments and complains about your life, then you should do your best to change what you include in a text. It's okay for you to be in denial about it at first, however, accept it and learn to better yourself. Your partner might be growing tired of having a conversation with you especially if you love to gossip, you bring drama into his life or you complaining about everything and everybody. It might bring him down, therefore, ensure you change your mentality for your own sake and not his. Nobody likes being around a pessimistic woman.

9. You Always Want Something
Do you always request a lot of favors when you text? You may not realize it, but you might be asking your partner for a lot and he is unable to handle it. Your man may be taking too long to answer back because he doesn't want to help you with random errands. You may find some guys like doing little favors for their partner, while others do not. Most men don't have a helping personality and they hate being bothered. If your guy has never sent you a text to ask for a favor, he probably has no helping personality. Ensure you stop requesting favors if you want your relationship to last. Most guys will be turned off by this behavior since they like independent women.

10. He Feels Smothered
One final reason your guy might be taking long to text you in return is that many people who fear to tell the truth choose to do this. It is not fair for you since he should be upfront with you. Feeling smothered may be due to many underlying issues. While some of the issues may not be your fault he could be the type of a person who loves his space and enjoy his time alone. If you've been texting him too often and demanding a lot of his attention all the time, he might not respond to your text for days. Perhaps your guy is unable to open up to you about how he feels, therefore he chooses not to respond back to your texts. This is his way of not wanting to hurt your feelings. Give him space he requires and do not allow your world revolve around him, lest you will be hurt. Try to understand his personality and you will not think the worst of him. If you are dating a guy and he takes long to text you back, you should know that at times it's just who he is. Do not beat yourself up trying to contemplate whether he likes you or not. Men are simple human beings. They do not know how to handle too many details in a single text. It is best you call your guy only if you have a pressing issue. If a man is interested in you, he will find time text you back.

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