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Work Out : Plank Only One Exercise For The Muscles

Fast Video Plank Only One Exercise

Plank Only One Exercise For The Muscles Of The Whole Body

Plank? is one of the most popular and most effective exercises around the world. She makes us work, not only on the stomach, but also on the muscles of the whole body. Always give it 5 minutes a day and you will be surprised by the results.

The essence of the exercise is to float? above the floor for several minutes at least once a day, relying only on the hands and feet. Undoubtedly, being placed in such a position for even 2 minutes – is not an easy task. At that point, a large number of muscles activate. But, as a result of this exercise you will have a strong back, tight buttocks with no cellulite, sculptural legs, flat stomach and beautiful hands.

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